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Where to start!?

Well I'll begin by saying a little about me; My name is Poppy and I'm 20 years old. I've just started Oxford University studying History at St Benet's Hall. Now that I'm here and when I get a chance to breath I like to put out a few posts about my experiences here studying as well as the application process. When I'm really lucky I try to put out travel posts as well, so far its just been the cities I've visited on my gap year.

I decided to start this blog after my mum was doing some research about Oxford student life and came across the blog of Viola:


which gave a personal and inside view of "the real Oxford". I found reading her posts extremely comforting and useful - I immediately felt more relaxed about going. As well as feeling inspired and wanting to create that connection between myself and other (prospective) students, I also thought " actually, how much of the literature out there on the internet about Oxford and the application process is brutally honest and truthful?". I know I certainly felt a little unprepared for the real thing and the interaction with the tutors. So, in some ways I think this blog, at least the Oxford section, is my own personal myth bustin' machine.

I've incorporated  a spot of travel, because as a member of the British gap year club complete with part time job and a love of photography, I thought it was only right that I include some way of documenting my experiences and I thought a blog was an excellent method. I went travelling around Europe for just under a month with a friend and safe ti say the travel bug has bitten!

Anyway I hope to reach at least a couple of people (even if they wander into my blog by accident!) so have a read and comment what you think

P.S That's me, third from the left


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