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Where to start!?

Well I'll begin by saying a little about me; My name is Poppy and I'm 21 years old. I'm in my final year at Oxford University studying History at St Benet's Hall. Now that I'm here and when I get a chance to breath I like to put out a few posts about my experiences here studying as well as the application process. When I'm really lucky I try to put out travel posts as well, so far its just been the cities I've visited on my gap year.

I read about a bit as part of my application research and came across loads of excellent blogs and articles. But as well as feeling inspired and wanting to create that connection between myself and other (prospective) students, I also thought " actually, how much of the literature out there  about Oxford and the application process is brutally honest and truthful?". I know I certainly felt a little unprepared for the real thing and the interaction with the tutors. So, in some ways I think this blog, at least the Oxford section, is my own personal myth bustin' machine.

I've incorporated  a spot of travel, because as a member of the British gap year club complete with part time job and a love of photography, I thought it was only right that I include some way of documenting my experiences and I thought a blog was an excellent method. I went travelling around Europe for just under a month with a friend and safe to say the travel bug has bitten!

Anyway I hope to reach at least a couple of people (even if they wander into my blog by accident!) so have a read and comment what you think

P.S That's me, third from the left


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