A Quick Look Back on Hilary...

Street lights in Jericho

Hilary was a hard term for me in many ways. I had a hard time at the end of Michaelmas and I found the break was just what I needed. I really felt like it might be a fresh start but upon my return I felt the familiar sense of dread that had become so normal the previous 8 weeks.

However, with some help from my friends and a renewed sense of purpose I began to finally crawl out of my dark hole and enjoy things a little more.

I started to do things that I enjoyed which included auditioning for drama productions, rather unsuccessfully! Going to the cinema which included seeing screenings of classics like A Streetcar Named Desire and the acclaimed Parasite. I also met up with friends more regularly for relaxed coffee and explored Jericho and Cowley a bit more.

Second hand bookshops and the market became a little slice of heaven and I've enjoyed coming out of my shell in that respect.

One of the highlights of last term was definitely when my friends from home came to visit for the weekend. Even though they only stayed 2 nights I can honestly say it was such a breath of fresh air in what can be a very claustrophobic Oxford bubble. My friends coming to stay meant that I had to give up work and accept the fact that I could enjoy myself. This included trips to G&Ds (if you haven't been I want to know why not!), visiting other colleges such as Trinity, Magdalen and others and seeing Oxford through different eyes, tourist eyes rather than stressed student eyes.

As well as that I felt better organised this term. I'd got my finances in order and was better prepared with a thought out budget. I was more time efficient and, apart from the last couple of weeks, was so much on top of my work that I could afford to have a couple of days off each week which was a relief.
My friends from home; (left to right) Lauren, Katie
-although she's at Teddy Hall, and Lucy

The things I have taken away from this term have been to stay organised because it makes such a difference! To keep doing things that I like, even if it means doing them on my own because sometimes, space for yourself is really important, keep doing new things with friends, and work-wise be more confident because I am improving and I need to take those risks!

What I hope for next term:

  • Hanging out in Uni Parks
  • Reading and working in the garden
  • Garden parties
  • Visits to Port Meadow
  • Sunsets and sunrises
  • Warm evenings with cool drinks
  • An exciting new paper on something I've never explored before- The Mongols


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