A Quick Look Back On Michaelmas...

Hudaa looking questioningly at me on
 Matriculation,only after about a
 week of knowing each other... not

much has changed! 

As the New Year has just arrived and the new term is about to start, I thought I'd take a look back on Michaelmas term and a look forward to Hilary term.

Michaelmas term saw the start of my university experience. I was pretty nervous to say the least what with lectures, tutorials, the workload on top of making new friends and exploring the kinds of things I was interested in, all in a strange new city.

Fast forward 8 weeks later and I can safely say that for the most part I'd had a blast.

True enough I had struggled with the workload initially and it took some time to adjust and incorporate everything into a routine but it's important to persevere because having a routine will make or break you.

I've joined a couple of societies and generally got my extra curricular ducks in a row; the Oxford Union, ballet society, the History society, extra curricular language lessons and writing for That Oxford Girl. It sounds like a lot but it can be exactly as much or as little as you want it to be. My tutor told me in the first week or so that the busier you are the better you work because work expands to fill the time and a truer thing was never said to me.

View of the Radcliffe Camera from
the Duke Humphreys Library

Navigating Oxford seemed a little scary at first but it's easy to get around and everything is very central, having a bike makes all that even easier and faster and I don't think you can have a full Oxford experience if you don't at some point, even once hop on a bike to get around.

I was nervous about making friends, I wasn't sure what people would be like and whether I would like being in such a small college but looking forward to the next term I can't wait to get back and see my new friends and catch up and I honestly couldn't imagine my Oxford life without them. It strange how quickly you form bonds and it's lovely having people you can share your experiences with.

What I hope for next term:
  • To be more organised straight away
  • To plan going to a ball in Trinity term
  • That the St Benet's first ever netball team will be a success (I haven't played in a while so it'll be mainly for fun)
  • That my collections go well
  • I explore more libraries and find one I really enjoy working in
  • Explore the covered market more and go to some vintage fairs etc
  • Carry on blogging
  • That I carry on having fun!


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