New Year's Resolutions

A little pumpkin collection I snapped on my way to college one crisp morning

I always feel that as one year draws to a close, everyone starts talking about New Years Resolutions. Have you got any? What are they going to be? Are you even going to bother?

My treats of choice, coconut
Quality Street (controversial) and
a good book
And those questions are always met with answer like 'Eat less chocolate', 'Cut out sugar', 'Go on a diet'. I always think these aims are so wasteful. There's far too much societal pressure to eat and enjoy yourself and Christmas and then feel like you have to spend the next few months bullying yourself about your body.

Don't. It's a waste of your time and energy. Be happy. There are so many more things you could be doing instead of counting calories and wallowing in a hole of self loathing. I for one will not be embarking on a diet, I will continue to enjoy the Christmas chocolates until they're gone and then resume my normal eating life. Those around you love you for exactly how you are and you should too.

Speaking of waste. Christmas is full of it. Wasting food, money, and materials. We produce on average about 30% more waste at Christmas than at any other time of year including 4.2 million dinners and 227,000 miles of wrapping paper! It's an absolute shame especially with all the new information and campaigning about global warming, the waste is not necessary.

My New Years Resolution?

To be more eco-friendly and more environmentally minded. And it isn't too difficult to incorporate into your daily life. Here are my top 10 tips:

  • Start a compost bin
    My little plant collection
  • Use reusable bags when shopping
  • Avoid fast fashion
  • Avoid taking the car, bus etc if you can cycle or walk (since starting at Oxford I cannot begin to extol the virtues of cycling literally everywhere!
  • Don't use plastic bottles, buy reusable metal ones and when grabbing a coffee, bring your own thermos travel mug
  • Try paperless- difficult when your'e a student I'll admit but so worthwhile
  • Go meatless at least one day a week. Currently at my college we have meat free Fridays and there has been a campaign for meat free Mondays as well! 
  • Grow plants, even little cacti is a spot of something green!
  • Go for natural where possible- Simple have just brought out a range of bio-degradable makeup wipes which I've invested in and which are excellent
  • Switch off when not using. Do you really need to charge your phone over night... for 9 hours?


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