Being Mindful Of Our Planet by Louise Tribble: A Review

After looking at the news one day and reading about our devastating effect on the planet, and being quite inspired by Greta Thunburg who is quickly becoming my hero, I decided to write a rather ad-hock climate change post about the little changes we can make to try and limit climate change. After posting it about the place, the very lovely Louise Tribble (Mindful Millie) asked me whether I would like to read a little book she'd written about climate change and naturally I jumped at the chance.
     'Being Mindful Of Our Planet' by Louise Tribble and illustrated by Cat Medway is an easy read covering not just the basics but all aspects of climate change including explanations of the effects of overuse of antibiotics, fracking and even unexpected things like chocolate! 
      I enjoyed Louise's book so much because it sets out the basics and answers the questions that often have people feeling confused or embarrassed to ask such as the difference between climate and weather. Its so important to start the climate change discussion with these basics so that no one feels disenfranchised from expressing their views because of a lack of knowledge. Louise then takes you through everything under the climate change umbrella such a the importance of bees and the  effects that textiles is having on our water systems. As you continue to read you increasingly feel more empowered by the knowledge you're gathering set out in such a conversational tone, it just draws you to carry on reading! And Cat Medway's illustrations are cute and well placed to remind you that its not all doom and gloom.
       Throughout, Louise has included testimonials of people living in a variety of countries, discussing a range of topics which I thought was wonderful as it gave a really personal insight into how global warming is affecting people and I found it really brought things home. Sometimes its easy to see the problem on a global scale and whilst that is undeniably important, its also important to think about the specific effects on individuals and groups of people.
      The best part for me I think was certainly the latter half which gave a detailed overview of how individual countries are performing in trying to reduce their carbon footprint and I found the results really surprising and it encouraged me to independently research my own country's performance. 
      'You Are A Climate Hero Too' was a beautifully encouraging end to the book, listing individuals and companies striving to make the world a better place by spreading the climate change message or buy altering their own practices to be more eco-friendly and provided many rays of hope after what at times felt like a dispiriting topic. I found that Louise's little climate change manifesto was a truly informative and inspiring read and has renewed my vigour to continue to make as much change as I can. I think it is an essential read for climate change beginners and more expert aficionados and is a message that should be shouted from the rooftops.
 "Using science, compassion and initiative to save our planet. An easy guide to climate change and what we can do."
Read 'Being Mindful Of Our Planet' here. Find out more about Louise at Twitter or Instagram and definitely have look at her blog here!

Have you read any good books or manifestos on climate change- if so let me know in the comments below!

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