My Top 10 Travelling Tips

A quaint street in Prague (a very posh 
and expensive area)
It's been roughly a year now since I embarked on my inter railing expedition and so in honour of the wonderful time (and because corona virus kiboshed my summer plans for a girls holiday to Split, Croatia) I thought I'd share my travelling tips!

  1.  Pack light and use launderettes
    • It's a godsend because you're not lugging heaps of stuff around with you. My friend and I packed only for hand luggage for almost a month and it saved us loads of £ as well as energy
  2. Decide what you want to see before you set off so you don't waste time deciding when you're there, this can feed into little daily plans to maximise your stay
  3. If you want to cut costs, don't eat out for every single meal
    • We combined hostels and apartments and generally grabbed a cheap pastry for breakfast and had a sort of picnic for lunch. We also mixed eating out and in for dinner: if we ate out for lunch we might cook for ourselves for dinner. Local supermarkets are your friends!
  4. Get Monzo
    • I promise I'm not an official sponsor. My friend Molly recommended it because her brother had used it on his travels and I think its amazing. it's all app based and gives you immediate notifications of what you've spent and where making it easy to keep track of things. Also there's no charge on the card for using it abroad unlike with most high street banks and you can withdraw up to £500 in cash without any charge as well.
    • I felt much safer not carrying large sums of money about with me so i would highly recommend 
  5. If you're going by bus as we did try and travel by night
    • its cheaper and means that you can have a whole day of sightseeing in the place your'e leaving and a whole day in the place you're arriving in, it's also cheaper all round
  6. Take paperwork with you
    • We took photocopies of documents, receipts and booking info as well as our passports with us just in case we lost them or if there was a mix up at any of the accommodation. Luckily we didn't need it but it's always better to be on the safe side
  7. Wear comfy shoes!
    • If like us you want to pack a lot of sightseeing in then comfy shoes are a must otherwise you won't enjoy your trip
  8.  Always leave in plenty of time
    • This covers accommodation, getting to the airport or bus station, queing for an exhibition. Always leave more time than you think
    • We got quite lost in one bus station and almost missed our bus and it was the most stressful part of the whole trip
  9. Double check when you arrive if the things you want to see are still open
    • We had a couple of disappointing experiences where sites were closed like the Berlin Olympic Stadium- things change all the time so stay updated 
  10. Take a bumbag with you, light and easy to wear and there are loads of fun and flattering shapes and colours- a travel essential
The top of Gellert Hill which was an exhausting climb in 35+ degree
heat but worth it!


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