Awkward Questions You Might Want to Ask...

...But are a little nervous to bring up.

Some of the questions I asked on my visit to St Benet's Hall were ones I had been worrying away about for a while and no amount of research or blog reading could fully answer me. 

I hadn't been able to compare my questions, fears and worries with anyone else so here are a selection of the questions I asked about to hopefully make you feel like your worries aren't silly:
  • Is it okay to bring guests over e.g my sister for meals or to sleep over?
  • Yes and I can bring as many guests over (within reason) as often as I like and 
  • What are the bed sheet arrangements?
    • If I use college bed sheets do I have to strip and change my bed and then launder the sheets or do the cleaning staff come round and do that?
    • Can I use my own bed sheets and if I do what's the cleaning arrangement with that?
  • The cleaning staff strip the sheets and remove them for washing and leave you fresh sheets to make up your own bed every two weeks. If you bring your own sheets you're in charge of washing them.
  • There are laundry facilities at St Benet's and everything such as washing powder etc. is provided. They're simple to use and hassle free-and the cost is included in the hall costs!
  • How many showers/toilets/bathrooms are there and do you have to queue?
  • You almost never have to queue and there are lots of bathroom facilities
  • What am I allowed in my room electrical wise e.g kettle
  • You aren't allowed kettles in your room as the accommodation has basic cooking facilities and you have all your meals taken care of but you can use the little kitchens for cups of tea etc
  • What if I miss a meal, can I have a plate made up for me later?
  • Yes you can, just email the head cook and she'll make you up a plate and leave it in the JCR fridge for you to pick up
  • How do I get the matriculation uniform?
  • You are taken to specialist shop in 0th week where you buy the cap and gown and you can also buy blouses/shirts and skirts/trousers or alternatively you can bring your own
  • What if my college doesn't do a sport, can I go to another college to play it?
  • Yes that's not a problem. Some sports already boast links with other colleges. To get started you can ask a 2nd or 3rd year to set you up with some links - they're very helpful and friendly like that
 I wrote down all my questions before I visited and then wrote down the answers on the train home to cement them so I could regurgitate everything for my family when I got back. 

I still have some questions I want to ask about the language facilities and extra curricular language things, so the questioning never ceases! Feel free to comment some of your fears, worries and questions- if I can, I'll answer them.


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