Let me introduce myself...

Where to start!?

Well I'll begin by saying a little about me; My name is Poppy and I'm 18 years old. I'm  currently about half way through my gap year which I decided to take for a number of reasons including dithering about what to do about university (whether to go, what degree to do) and because I'm going to be having some jaw surgery which I won't bore you with the details of.

I'm hoping my blog will cover my application experience of Oxford and my life thereafter as well as my travels both in and around the UK and further afield.

I decided to start this blog after my mum was doing some research about Oxford student life and came across the blog of Viola:


which gave a personal and inside view of "the real Oxford". I found reading her posts extremely comforting and useful - I immediately felt more relaxed about going. As well as feeling inspired and wanting to create that connection between myself and other (prospective) students, I also thought " actually, how much of the literature out there on the internet about Oxford and the application process is brutally honest and truthful?". I know I certainly felt a little unprepared for the real thing and the interaction with the tutors. So, in some ways I think this blog, at least the Oxford section, is my own personal myth bustin' machine.

Secondly, I've incorporated travel, as in the summer for roughly a month I will be backpacking across Europe with a friend. As a member of the British gap year club complete with part time job and a love of photography, I thought it was only right that I include some way of documenting my experiences and I thought a blog was an excellent method. I have been thinking about creating an Instagram account for my photography but it's still very much a thought in progress...

Anyway I hope to reach at least a couple of people (even if they wander into my blog by accident!) so have a read and comment what you think

P.S That's me, third from the left


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