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The Interview

My mock interview had prepared me a little but not enough for my real interview. At times it was as brutal as all the myths.

I went up the night before and met a couple of other interviewees which was quite awkward initially but I actually found it calmed me a little as they all felt nervous and we wondered as a group what was in store. I also quite liked it as we got to see the college and talk to some of the students who had stayed to help out on a real one to one basis.

The next morning more people slowly started to arrive and before breakfast I checked when my first interview was. I was then taken into the library and presented with my own essay that I had submitted weeks before. I was given a theme and asked to reevaluate my essay with this theme in mind. My essay was about the Cold War and what was the greatest turning point and my theme was 'Elite'. I had 30 mins. I was gobsmacked. I didn't really know what they wanted me to look for but I began to scribble away furio…

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