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Greener Eating This New Year

So it's Veganuary!

What does that mean I hear you cry. Well its essentially a month focused on greener, vegan eating which has both health benefits and is eco friendly.

Today I picked up the most delicious sandwich from the lovely people at Follow Your Heart who were giving out free samples outside the Radcliffe Camera. There was a traditional Ploughman's or the New Yorker- I opted for the New Yorker with delicious smoked Gouda cheese and dairy free mayo all on brown bread. It was perfectly filling and deliciously creamy and I could not more highly recommend! Not only that but it was packaged in compostable plastic! This taste test prompted me to fully consider Veganuary and what I can do to adopt a greener, healthier set of eating habits.

There's certainly no pressure to go full out vegan if you've never tried it before, or indeed if you've never attempted vegetarianism before but it is an opportunity to review your eating habits and the effect they have on the plane…

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