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Why I chose my college

  First of all I would like to clarify that I did not choose St Benet's Hall. Almost nobody does and the intake each year that actually put Benet's down as their college of choice is often just one at best. Some people pick it because it's small and homely with a real sense of community, others because it is actively Catholic and they want somewhere they feel fully at home to practice their faith. All these reasons are perfectly fine. But none of these were my reasons. Brasenose was in fact my college of choice. I chose it because of it's very central location. You are quite literally on the doorstep of the Rad Cam and other libraries and amenities. It was very beautiful and was the thesis of the 'Oxford college'. I did however also choose it because it's battels (monthly fees like rent etc) were about in the middle with graded rooms from A to E depending on budget and the possibility of accommodation for all three years. Living out was of great concern to m

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