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A London Jaunt and looking after myself

Term was going terribly. The house was tense, I was tense, the workload was not tense because it was too busy being smug about the amount of pressure it was putting on me. I needed to get away.  And the swooped in my friend who I went travelling with in my gap year with an invitation to go and visit her in Kingston for the weekend. Naturally I snatched her hand off. Getting to London from Oxford is really easy because there's a direct and very cheap bus, confusingly called the Oxford Tube. For my return it was £15 as a student ticket which is insane considering how expensive trains etc are. It's roughly a 2 and a half hour journey and the bus deposits you right in the very centre of London.  I've been to London quite a few times, I think me and my family go almost every year to look at exhibitions and I really enjoy the hustle and bustle and living there is certainly a dream of mine.   My trip consisted of lunch in St James Park, finding the iconic Scotland yard sign, goin

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