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A Quick Look Back on (virtual) Trinity

Well, Trinity term was not as expected. At the end of Hilary as I packed up all my things and me and my dad sped off down the road towards Cardiff, I was under the impression that we might be back in April for a new term. I thought COVID-19 was something confined to Europe (but then again I thought it was going to be confined to just China initially) but that was certainly not the case. Quite quickly university communications layed out the provisions for remote learning for the whole term, libraries were moved online and tutorials were done through Microsoft Teams- not ideal.     Virtual trinity has been ... different but I've still enjoyed my work and my extra curricular and having this time away has ignited a new desire to really explore and fall in love with oxford all over again in October.
So after a break for Easter and a well needed rest, I opened up my laptop on the first day of 1st week and began to wade through the online content. Quickly I fell into a routine: classes on…

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