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The Extended Essay

In my 'Quick Look Back on Trinity' post I mentioned my take home exam of 9 days. I thought that would be the grossest end to a term I could have. And time scale and stress wise it was certainly up there. But, lucky me, for historians, at the end of Michaelmas of third year there is an extended essay of 6,000 words on a your special subject topic. Halfway through term an exam paper is released with eight possible questions and then you have until the end of 0th week (For me it was Friday 14th of Jan) to hand it in. My special subject is Ming Chinese painting and culture which I'm really enjoying. The sources are beautiful and when I excitedly tell my parents the topic of the week, I generally find I've absorbed more information than I had realised. However, trying to distil everything to answer a question you haven't been gearing towards is still a task. You can take it on in different ways. A tutor at college suggested starting it during the term in the background,

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