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2nd Year History Exams

Working on my exam at home I didn't have Prelims because COVID was still quite new and was unfortunately flourishing. To add to that, lots of collections had been cancelled as well due to 'unprecedented times' and so the idea of an exam was quite a scary prospect for me.  However, second year History exams aren't sit down, exam hall, full subfusc, 'your three hours start now' kind of exams. They are in fact a coursework based, take home paper that you complete over nine days. And so, on the 16th June the online exam platform Inspira popped up with the notification that my exam had started and attached was a pdf of my questions all relating to History of the British Isles 1: 300-1100. This was the paper I studied in Michaelmas and I think possibly one of my favourites ever. I enjoyed the content, the debates, my tutor was fantastic and my tute partner (who weirdly enough lives only down the road from me both in Oxford and at home in Cardiff) was sublime. That mea

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