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What is the JCR? Before I came to Oxford I really didn't know. Through my research I'd hear it thrown around but I didn't really understand what it's role was or if I could even get involved. But having been here for 2 terms now I'm a bit wiser.

The JCR is essentially a student representative body, it stands for Junior Common Room in most colleges, there also being a MCR for post grads, but in Benet's the J stands for Joint because we're so small and also because we pride ourselves on being very inclusive and one pretty big and messy family!

The JCR is responsible for student representation and can therefore have meetings to propose and implement changes to the hall, they also organise social events, welfare and generally provide a communication channel between students and college staff. All students are members of their JCR with elected students representing on the committee. 

At Benet's the committee is made up of President, Secretary, and Treasurer who…

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