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Me in my sub fusc photo credit to Hudaa Bax What is it? An excellent question. Formally it is when all Oxford students are fully accepted into the university as 'students'. It's a formality and doesn't have any real bearing on your student status. What actually happens? Well you dress up in your sub fusc which is a white shirt, black ribbon tie for girls, or a bow tie for boys, black smart skirt or trousers, black shoes, a jacket is optional and then a funny robe thing with tails coming from the shoulders that doesn't suit anyone! You go to the Sheldonian Theatre in small groups and are spoken to in Latin for about 3 minutes and then for about 10 minutes in English. The speech was a sort of formal welcoming to Oxford; 'we're so glad your're here, make the most of it etc. Why do I seem unable to take a photo with my  eyes open!? Featuring the lovely Ishwa Salim After that you spend the rest of the day taking photos around Oxford, having

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