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Beyond the classroom

When thinking about applying to university it can be really difficult to think what might set you apart and really show off your passion for your subject. I remember at school, my teachers told me that I needed something about me to make me pop, I couldn't just present interviewees and admissions people with the same old run of the mill "I've loved history (in my case) since I was in the womb. Because firstly, I didn't that would be weird, and secondly, because everyone always says that.
Instead of going with the same old tropes, use the summer to expand yourself beyond the classroom. Find out why you really love your subject outside your school syllabus. I remember at an Oxbridge event, I spoke to an admissions officer from Jesus college and asked his advice for applications because "I really really love history" and he replied that that attitude was an excellent start. But you'll need something else.

My top tips to expand your knowledge and enjoyment out…

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