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Being a JCR President

  At the end of Hilary, in early March I held hustings for the next JCR Committee Executive positions: the President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Grad Rep which meant that my term of President was about to end.  My conclusions? It's really really stressful. My predecessor gave me a few tips and tricks but he also warned me that it will be all consuming and before long you'll take up smoking or something else to cope. I thought he was exaggerating a bit. He wasn't. Sunset at Hinksey Park Lake, a fitting metaphor for the sun setting on my time in the JCR I acknowledge that I took on the Presidency at the height of the COVID pandemic so it wasn't exactly the ideal circumstances, but nonetheless I found it really tough. I think I found it particularly difficult because I hadn't had any prior experience on the JCR Committee, so when I ran for President it was a bold move. There were upsides and downsides. I had little to know experience of leading a massive team where deci

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